Mobile Website Design & Development

Mobile websites and applications offer today’s businesses a more efficient way to engage customers on the go. Help customers find you faster with a mobile website or app for your business.


Mobile Design & Development

Why Go Mobile?

Because your customers are already there! Almost 88% of US adults own a cell phone and over a half of these are smartphones. These phones are used for more than talking and texting, they are used as cameras, video recorders, PCs, Your customers are using them to shop and browse online, pay bills and connect through social media and more. The world is shifting to a mobile-dominated post-PC era. Let 360 Web Pro help you reach a wider audience with a customized mobile solution.

Mobile Solutions

Responsive Web Design

If you need the content on your desktop website to be the same as that on mobile devices, then a responsive design is the way to go. The purpose of responsive design is to have one website that seamlessly resizes and adapts to fit the screen of any device. Rather than building a totally separate mobile website, your main website is coded to automatically adjust to the resolution of a screen for the best user browsing experience – no more frustrating scrolling and zooming.

Mobile Website Development

There may be instances when the content and functionality on your mobile devices will differ to that needed on your regular site. To give your customers a seamless mobile experience, you may need to create an app like feel or present a more simplified version of your website. This allows you to make pertinent information readily available at the customers fingertips.

A separate/dedicated mobile website may also be the solution to those with an existing website. If you are not ready for a full site redesign, it makes more sense and its more economical to develop a simple mobile site than trying to implement a responsive approach.

Mobile App Development

For the ultimate mobile user experience we recommend building a mobile app. Native apps provides advanced features that are not available with a web-based implementation such as offline mode, device hardware features (camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc.), advanced security, data synchronization, and many more.

Mobile Responsive Design
Mobile Website Design & Development

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