Pay Per Click Marketing

Driving sales with high quality clicks.

Reduce your PPC marketing expenditure whilst increasing your sales/leads and ROI. We help maximise both your brand awareness and direct response via Paid Search whilst ensuring a cost efficient outlook.

Pay per Click Marketing (PPC), or paid search marketing is the quickest and most cost effective way to get your website to the top of the search results when people are looking for your type of business. As the name implies, you pay every time someone clicks on you ad, this allows you to easily control the budget and the return on investment for your campaign.


Here at 360 Web Pro, we have long experience helping small businesses set up PPC campaigns. We can help you choose your keywords, draft the text of your ads, and monitor the success of your campaign. We provide ongoing consulting during the course of the campaign to make sure your ad stays cost-effective throughout its life. Whether you are a national brand or a local business, this helps you reach your target audience and increase visits to your website with high quality clicks through inventive, targeted ads to help you grow your business online.

Ingredients for a Successful PPC Marketing Campaign

Competitive Research

We research your competitors and industry to discover the strategies that they are currently benefiting from. We use this intelligence to benchmark your campaign against your competitors and develop even better strategies to yield a better ROI for your business

Keyword Research

Effective and thorough keyword research is the cornerstone of any PPC campaign. We use an array of keyword research tools to help you find the best possible keywords to target. We then break down these keyword lists into expansive and highly targeting ad groups

Landing Pages

Your PPC landing pages greatly influence conversions and Quality Score. We collaborate with you on content and design to ensure the landing pages are as effective as possible.


PPC tracking provides you with details of those people who perform an action (for example make a purchase or complete a form) as a result of your advertising. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of your campaign and provides us with the detail to adjust your campaign appropriately.

Audience Targeting

We profile your ideal customer and create a campaign tailored specificly to them. These customers will be targeted by location, interests and demographics such as gender, age, marital status. This helps to increase your conversions and eliminate ad budget waste.

AdCopy / Creatives

We ensure your adverts are tightly focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website; with a strong call to action and continuous testing we can be sure you’re getting the right traffic at the lowest cost you could pay.


We provide you with detailed, comprehensive reports so you can see exactly how each keyword and phrase in your campaign is performing. Reports include summaries of top performing phrases, conversion rates as well as advice on the best way forward.

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