SEO Basics That Every Webmaster Should Incorporate

Most businesses are recognizing the importance of online presence. As a result, online presence competition is increasing. For a website to succeed online, it needs to stand out. So, how do you make your website stand out?

Making your website stand out in the Internet is under the realms of Internet marketing. In Internet marketing, one of the best and effective type is search engine optimization (SEO). With search engine optimization, your website will raise the attention of the search engines and hopefully rank it higher in the search engine results. SEO is a deep and complicated subject with contradicting ideas, but below are a few basic SEO points that every website owner should know.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a pillar of any SEO campaign. Almost all SEO efforts are directly related to keywords. Get the keyword research wrong, and almost everything goes wrong.

The most important thing to know with keyword research is figuring out the kinds of keywords that your target market are using when using the search engines. You can start learning about keyword research with the use of the Google Keyword Planner. Not only its intuitive, but it’s also a free tool.


On-site SEO

With a lot of websites concentrating on off-site SEO, like link building, you can get ahead by focusing on on-site SEO. On-site SEO means creating unique content, URLs, meta-description and page titles.
For example, if you have a website about real estate in New York, make the home page title similar to Real Estate New York.


Local SEO

Nowadays, local SEO is ripe for the taking. The best way to tackle local SEO is to make use of Google+.  Simply create a profile with Google+ and make it complete by adding keyword rich content.



Search engine spiders love blog as its food to them. It’s best that you take advantage by creating yourself a blog. For content, make use of news, tips, videos and images. The best blog posts offer solutions or answers questions.


Avoid getting backlinks from one platform. SEO link building has a lot of options and it’s best to make use of a lot of them. Examples of backlink sources are social sites, forums, guest blogging, email and press release.

Call To Action

All your SEO efforts could go to waste if your website doesn’t have a strong call to action. Make sure that your website incorporates a strong encouragement element. Do you want them to call or email you? Then tell them, but first give them a strong reason why they should.

Go mobile

Finally, don’t forget about the mobile market, especially nowadays when people are always on their phone or tablets. Make sure that your website is able to refit for mobile screens. Is not that hard since there are already a lot of CMS plug-ins that does that for you.

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